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Creative Writing Proofreading Services

At TotalEditors we offer a free sample edit of up to 1500 words of any manuscript. This gives the fiction or non-fiction book author peace of mind as to the quality and value of the full edit, whether you are looking for a final polish to your manuscript with our professional book proofreading service or looking for a more substantial edit. We guarantee a thorough editing of your book manuscript, including detailed comments regarding all aspects of the work. Contact us via email or call one of our staff to discuss your project. Let our seasoned professionals optimize your chances of publication with our book editing services.

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Creative writing proofreading services

It might surprise some to learn that enlisting a professional proofreader is not just the reserve of poor spellers but highly recommended for even the most confident creative writers. Read on to find out what a proofreader can offer your manuscript that a standard spell checker can’t. 

A fresh perspective on your manuscript

After spending countless hours poring over your manuscript, it can be surprisingly easy to miss glaring spelling and grammatical errors that would be obvious to a professional proofreader. This is partly due to the cognitive disconnect between what the writer intends to express and what they have actually expressed—something someone with an outsider’s perspective does not have to grapple with. 

Due to their experience with a wide range of manuscripts and knowledge of common pitfalls, a proofreader will be able to take a more objective view of your work and correct every error, no matter how big or small. In addition to being more effective, using professional book/novel/manuscript proofreading services may be more time- and cost-effective than spending hours combing through your manuscript in the hopes of finding errors you are predisposed against seeing. 

Proofreading improves clarity, flow, and reader immersion

By conducting a comprehensive proofread of your creative writing project, a proofreader will be able to address any lingering mistakes that may obscure your intended meaning. Even something as seemingly minor as misplaced punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence, which makes proofreading a vital step. Therefore, by ensuring the grammar and language have been applied properly, a proofreader can minimize the potential for misunderstandings and ensure your ideas are communicated clearly and, as a result, effectively. 

This is not something you can simply rely on your computer for, despite the fact that word processors provide spell checkers, as they cannot always detect tricky and commonly misused words, such as homophones (words that sound the same but have varying meanings and spellings), in the same way that a proofreader can by giving your paper a thorough line-by-line review. 

Increased chances of receiving a high grade and getting published

Even if your magnum opus is expertly crafted in terms of narrative and originality, you’ll stand a much better chance of being graded highly or accepted for publication if your manuscript has been polished by a proofreader prior to submission. 

Having your work accepted by a fiction publisher can be extremely challenging as it is (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Stephen King’s Carrie are just a few examples of bestselling works that were repeatedly rejected by publishing houses). In addition, the most well-known publishers receive no shortage of submissions on a daily basis and are especially loathe to consider unsolicited manuscripts, meaning that the quality of any such submissions should be impeccable. 

While this shouldn’t discourage you from putting your work out there, it does mean that finding a small but basic error in the opening paragraph of your manuscript before they’ve been hooked by your story could result in a publisher relegating your manuscript to the back of an ever-increasing pile. 

Security against potentially dire consequences

It might not be the most exciting part of the book-writing process, but proofreading is an essential one, nonetheless—especially if you have your sights set on eventual publication, as most writers—academic or otherwise—do. 

As the last line of defense for a manuscript after the editing stage, it’s vital that the proofreading process is conducted thoroughly before any oversights become incredibly difficult to redeem—as was the unfortunate case when more than 8,000 copies of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Freedom had to be recalled due to typesetting errors, resulting in a frantic clean-up operation. Therefore, professional proofreading services are essential for steering clear of such potentially catastrophic mishaps.