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Non-Fiction Book Proofreading Services

The aim of our non-fiction book proofreading services is to deliver a flawless manuscript. The service includes the correction of errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and technical consistency.

The needs of a non-fiction author differ significantly from those of a fiction author. In place of plot, setting, and character, we have topics, themes, tone, and clarity of delivery. In all our services for book manuscripts (over 25,000 words), your editor will furnish general comments regarding the key elements of your manuscript.

If your work is at an early-draft stage, rather than using our non-fiction book proofreading services, you should consider using our editing services. With the editing services, you get all the benefits included with proofreading along with rewrites of awkward sentences and more in-depth comments on your content and structure given from the perspective of a reader/acquisitions editor.

Increase Your Chances of Success

The world of publishing is fiercely competitive, and meaningful financial success is, frankly, unlikely. Nevertheless, using professional book proofreading services for your manuscript can massively increase your chances of success. The impact of the work done on your manuscript is partly up to the service level you choose (proofreading vs. editing). The proofreading element of our service ensures that you submit a polished manuscript to whichever publisher you are targeting. For unknown, first-time writers seeking publication with a smaller firm (or self-publishing), the book proofreading service ensures that your manuscript will require minimal further work (e.g., formatting) prior to publication.

Furthermore, whichever acquisitions editor finds your book manuscript in their in-tray will take your manuscript far more seriously if it is error-free (this indicates straightaway that the manuscript has undergone multiple drafts).

Non-fiction Book Proofreading Services: The Benefits

The editing service brings all the benefits of the non-fiction book proofreading service along with detailed comments/changes relating to topic, exposition, argumentation, and writing style. Particular attention is paid to the opening pages of the manuscript (the most important element of the book in terms of catching the eye of the acquisitions editor). You can specify whether you expect to redraft the manuscript after the edit or whether you want a document that has been edited to be ready for submission/publication.

Use the button above to submit some or all of your manuscript for a free, no-obligation sample of our non-fiction book proofreading services.