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Book Proofreading Services

Book Proofreading Services

Our professional book proofreading services have helped hundreds of writers from all over the world develop their manuscripts and improve their chances of publication. We are confident in our ability to impress; accordingly, we offer a free sample (of up to 1500 words) of our book proofreading service. This gives our clients a chance to see exactly what they will get for their money.

We guarantee a thorough proofreading of your book manuscript, addressing any issues with formatting, spelling, syntax, punctuation, grammar, and logical consistency. Use the price calculator on the right of this page, and then proceed to request a free sample edit or simply submit your project. Let our expertise help you develop a polished manuscript to optimize your chances of publication.

North America: 1-866-864-8642

United Kingdom: 0-845-528-1200


Book Proofreading Services: The Benefits

Having a professional book proofreader with years of experience and a range of qualifications proofread your book manuscript thoroughly can help develop your work in several ways that will make it read better and improve your manuscript’s chances of getting a second glance from submissions editors at publishing houses. Even slight errors can interrupt the flow of the best of books, whether fiction or non-fiction. In the case of fiction, the reader’s immersion in the text is interrupted when there are technical errors in the writing.

The difference between to be or not to be? and to be or not to bee? is the difference between beauty and nonsense! The bottom line is engaging the assistance of a professional book proofreading service can significantly improve both tone and content, providing a real boost to your prospects of success.

We offer three levels of service:

Book Proofreading Service

Our Book Proofreading service is our most basic and is included in each of the services below. Essentially, your book manuscript will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and typos. This results in a well-polished manuscript with a high level of clarity maintained throughout. This service is ideal for confident writers who just want to give their work that extra edge that can make all the difference. Please click here to read more about our non-fiction book proofreading services.

Book Content Editing Service

Our Book Content Editing service is our most popular for fiction and non-fiction book editing projects alike, including all the benefits of proofreading but with editorial comments and suggestions aimed at improving all aspects of structure and content. This is an excellent service for and mid-development manuscripts. For fiction and non-fiction authors alike, a strong emphasis is placed on catering to the perspective of the acquisitions editor. This service includes flawless proofreading.

Premium Manuscript Editing Service

Our Premium Manuscript Editing service brings all the benefits of the content editing but also includes substantive rewrites and highly-detailed plot and character suggestions. This is for someone looking for more of a collaborative project. Once the initial edit/rewrite has taken place (during which the editior will communicate with the author), the author can review the manuscript, making changes at their discretion, then resubmit for a final proofread as part of the service.

Conventional Formatting

Each of the above services include conventional formatting for submission to publishers or formatting to specific publishers’ criteria at the client’s request.